Bow Echo: Querying        

Adult Urban Fantasy   

Tensions escalate between the supernatural and humans in Paros when someone starts killing local wildlife. Concern for her community turns into fear for her family as the cloud nymph, Zephyra discovers the killings are a stalker’s calling card.



                                      Therianthrope Series: Free On Wattpad                               

Adult Urban Fantasy.

Follow the struggle of Lily, a human raised by werewolves, as she tries to help her adopted father, the alpha, without becoming trapped in the complex world of the supernatural – a world that doesn’t want her as much as she doesn’t want it.



                       The Alpha and… Series: Free on Wattpad                    

YA/NA Paranormal Romance Series

Tales of young women as they struggle growing up,

finding love and learning life is never what you expect it to be.


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